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At Hair Design Systems, a first time client notices right off that he or she is in a different kind of place. A place whose philosophy is, “It’s all about You”. Our system is different than most in that we are all Team Members, not individual private contractors all doing their own thing. Our stylist all work together to make your visit so great, you can’t wait to come back. You are free to go to any or all of our stylists and technicians in complete confidence. We have gone to great lengths to provide our guests with the best in products and services. We manufacture a fine line of hair care products for home use and also carry other fine products we think will suit your needs.



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Knowing Us

At Hair Design Systems, we feel that balayage offers the ultimate artistic expression to illuminate your individual beauty. Balayage allows your stylist to freehand create highlights that frame your face and enhance your best features.

The stylists at Hair Design Systems are certified hair color specialists. We take pride in our dedication to mastering the latest trends and techniques in hair color services. Our master stylists regularly attend hands-on seminars, conducted by industry leaders, to bring you the latest in fashion forward techniques. We want you to enjoy the A-list star effect. We are Texarkana Hair Color Specialists.

If you are considering a new look, feel free to show your stylist images of the look you want to achieve. Your stylist can discuss with you which multi-dimensional technique can best help you achieve that look, and which shades and colors are best suited to your skin tones, amplifying your natural beauty.

Feel free to drop by at your convenience for a free consultation!

Coloring Experts

What is Balayage?
The Sun-Kissed Revolution

Balayage, pronounced bay lāˈyäZH, comes to us from the French word, balayage, meaning sweeping. In today’s parlance, it describes a type of hair color highlights that are painted onto the lower portions of the hair strands in a sweeping style.

Done properly, balayage gives the impression of hair that has naturally lightened over time with exposure to sun. And it offers surprising benefits to those who appreciate a low maintenance hair care routine. For those with naturally dark roots, the new growth blends easily into the graduated highlights, allowing for less frequent balayage touchups.

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