Offering Today's Latest Hairstyles and Trends

The HDS experience is all about the customer. Our staff has been trained to work as a team, and are experts on the latest hair styles and trends. We offer fresh new looks and today’s popular hair style techniques. Our modern hairstyles define our customer’s personal style.

Angie Bickham
Senior Stylist

Angie has been on the Team since 1996. Her gentle way and easy style make everyone love her. An expert hair cutter and great colorist with attention to detail, she is one of the busiest in town. Client comment," Angie is always Angie. Always steady. Never ups and downs. Depend on Angie to do it right."

Jana Goodwin
Senior Stylist

Jana has been at HDS since 1994. She is one of the busiest stylists. She pays strict attention to detail and is excellent with color. Clients of all ages love Jana. Client comment," Jana always seems to know just what I need. She pays attention."

Massage Therapist

Cate comes with thirty years experience in the field of Massage. She has numerous certifications such as; Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, and Trigger Point Therapy. Clients say they feel like they have her total attention.


Clancy is a very talented professional with a large number of qualifications from Derm Abrasion, Lymphatic Drainage, Chemical Peel. Clients are always pleased with the personalized treatments she has for them. Clancy is also certified to do Mink individual eyelashes. Call for free consult.