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The Cope family have been in the Hair Fashion and Ladies Apparel business since 1970.
"They wrote the book on customer service"

The Cope Family of Hair Design Systems

At Hair Design Systems, a first time client notices right off that he or she is in a different kind of place. A place whose philosophy is, "It's all about You". Our system is different than most in that we are all Team Members, not individual private contractors all doing their own thing. Our stylist all work together to make your visit so great, you can't wait to come back. You are free to go to any or all of our stylists and technicians in complete confidence. We have gone to great lengths to provide our guests with the best in products and services. We manufacture a fine line of hair care products for home use and also carry other fine products we think will suit your needs.

Hair Design Systems falls into the top ten percentile in the nation for longevity in business, client service, client retention and stylist retention. Gary & Carolyn Cope's goal, when starting Hair Design Systems, was to provide a place where young stylists could learn the fine points of being a professional hairstylist. They have done just that. The Team at Hair Design Systems is among the most successful and skilled anywhere.

Hair Design Systems specializes in hair color and color correction. Our color of choice is ammonia free and Grade Seed oil which prevents fading and is used by only the best colorists in the world. (See our page on Mastey Colour.)

Not only are the Styling Team at Hair Design Systems highly trained in all the latest trends, they offer many specialized treatments not offered anywhere else.

The same is true next door at our Time in A Bottle Day Spa. We off the highest quality products and services in the full service day spa.

Hair Design Systems - "Where everybody knows your name". It's all about you.